Hello Hello.  

My name is Melanie. That's me with the bubbles, obviously art-making with my soapy dribbles.  

 This is my storage tank where I put all my makey-stuff, paintings, drawings, illustrations, plus some things I don't know where else to put.  

I love honeysuckles, dogs in costumes, a good strong gust of wind, and pie.      

My art roots are classical. Formally I studied under great people (1, 2, and 3). But I've been trying to chase my inner-child ever since and recover the ability to make art that feels like play. 

I live with my husband Jared in North Atlanta along with three wild children who are my very heart walking around with legs.  

I teach Drawing and Illustration at The Art Place in Marietta and run an ongoing Teen Portfolio Development course at the Marietta Cobb Museum of Art.

Follow my art adventures here and pictures of my dog here.

Let's work together!

Available for commissions, collaborations, and flashlight hide and seek.   

Note: I did not spill the bottle.

Note: I did not spill the bottle.